tiny kick, tiny snare (a collection of recordings 2000​-​2009)

by Built Like Alaska

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We've had this idea for a while, to put together most of our unreleased recordings. They span almost a decade and include songs written for a movie soundtrack, a compilation, some covers, and x-mas cds we used to make for our friends.


released July 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Built Like Alaska Oakdale, California

Built Like Alaska: a five-piece rock band from California. Surrounded by rolling pastures, a cold river, and stony foot hills, the band has developed their craft to reflect the scenery surrounding them. Bringing a rural perspective to sturdy rock songs, the music has been said to conjure images both "warm and rich as the central valley sun” and as isolated as a “mic stand draped in cob webs...." ... more

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Track Name: wreckthatmetal
His name is Mr. Heart. He's waiting for his real life to start. And he doesn't need a lot but you better not take what he's got.
When he's sleeping
When he dreams
He's our hero
and not a dead beat.
With a name like Hallie Dust and she rides the county bus.
And all the sun did her was burn,
always wondering when is her turn.
When you're in your nightgown
and you go to sleep
do you get that money
and win beauty queen?
His name was Robert Brown until he put his hammer down
and took a job on a factory floor. Now he don't hammer anymore.
Do you hold your hammer
high in your dreams?
do you swing that elbow
and beat the machines?
Do you swing your hammer
hard as you can?
Do you wreck that metal,
monster, foreman?
Track Name: Ellie Parker
And when the time eventually comes
what colored ink will sign your name?
When all auditions have been done...
I hear the devil loves L.A.
A hopeful target's not been met
by a wandered deer on a shooting range.
And what time limit has been set?
When real life begins it is strange.
She don't like what she does
until she does what she wants.
It's better falling down in front
than to be jumping jacks in back.
Oh my deer,
are you staying here?
I wouldn't stay there myself
It can't be good for mental health.
Track Name: pine-soul
You've devised a way
to change snow to rain
and nuclearly
light the Christmas tree.
You've devised a way...
You've devised the means
for everlasting green
and satisfied the buyer
made it nylon and wire.